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Educational Coaching Approach

Educational Coaching is a tailored service that aims to leverage the strengths of individual students whilst helping them to address gaps and development needs that impact academic performance.  It is therefore a highly-targeted approach that meets the student's needs by maintaining a sharp focus on relevant skills and topics and by incorporating continuous personalised feedback into the sessions.  Other typical features of this approach are described below.

Educational Coaching is offered within a supportive, non-judgemental environment, which enables students to express themselves openly and to ask as many questions as necessary to achieve understanding of academic material.  It is quite common for students to feel unable to ask teachers for help for a variety of very good reasons.  This situation rarely arises within the coaching relationship and, when necessary, students are gently encouraged to take active steps to improve relationships with school teachers and to build the confidence to ask for help when needed.

A confidential approach can be reassuring, enabling both students and parents to discuss and begin to address most issues that may be limiting student performance.  Indeed, students sometimes do not achieve their potential due to factors that may or may not be apparent to teachers and parents.  Educational Coaching offers the opportunity to discuss a variety of sensitive issues that can affect student achievement.

Challenge is an important ingredient for academic and personal growth and there is no shortage of challenge in Educational Coaching!  Whilst there is usually a strong focus on working within school and examination requirements, students are supported to gradually move outside their comfort zone and discover new capabilities.  Such growth can provide a substantial boost to the student's self-confidence and, in some cases, enables the student to achieve far more than anyone had ever imagined.

In addition, students typically complete agreed assignments between appointments in order to consolidate understanding and to provide feedback on the success of strategies and learnings developed by the student.

Over time, a key aim is to empower the student to become an increasingly independent learner.  This transition to independence is facilitated by the targeted and supportive coaching, which enables the student to feel increasingly confident about dealing with future challenges without a tutor...