Professional 1-to-1 Coaching & Tuition Online and in Your Home

Who is it for?

Educational Coaching aims to provide an advanced service primarily for clients who recognise the benefits of weekly one-to-one coaching and tuition.  This service can benefit children and adults from a wide variety of academic and social backgrounds who are studying towards both GCSE level and A level.  Students are usually accepted at any time from Year 9 (age 13 years), although highly capable students are very occasionally accepted from Year 7 (age 11 years) if places are available at suitable times of the day.

Previous students have come from most types of school (including state comprehensive schools, academies, grammar schools, leading independent day and boarding schools) while studying for exams at KS3, GCSE, AS and A level.

A level students can additionally benefit from individual UCAS Personal Statement support (as long as there is sufficient time available for this), while applicants to medicine and dentistry courses can receive one-to-one support for UKCAT or BMAT test preparation at certain times of the year.

Graduates can benefit from help with preparation for Mathematics examinations for entry to PGCE teacher training courses or to brush up on mathematics before Numeracy Tests used by employers for selection purposes.

Students who have difficulties in a class or group environment or who need a one-to-one, tailored approach to optimise their performance may find this service particularly helpful.  In addition, as outlined on the Services page, this service aims to address a very wide range of issues that may impact student performance.

Students typically need to be available for at least 1 hour per week (at least during term time) and be willing to attempt agreed assignments between appointments, which may be in addition to normal school homework.  Depending on requirements and circumstances, the minimum appointment duration offered may be greater than 1 hour.  All students wishing to sit public examinations must be registered with a recognised exam centre.

Please note that Educational Coaching does not provide medical or psychological advice, treatment or services, including those provided by educational psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and other similar professionals.